SMSF Management & Trading Advice

Expert strategic advice on SMSF Management and Trading opportunities from an ASAL specialist

SMSF. TRULY SIMPLIFIED.Make sure you're maximising your compounding potential and achieving the highest returns

Stay on top of your retirement goals with specific targeted SMSF management and trading advice from ASAL's expert team.

The power of compound interest is the key to success in the SMSF game, which is why even small inefficiencies in your investment strategy could mean missing out on tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars when it’s time to retire.

Fortunately, our team are experts at optimising superannuation returns and can build a customised retirement strategy for your SMSF which takes advantage of reduced fees and management overhead, account consolidation, investment optimisation, risk minimisation and tax-efficient super contributions to put your best foot forward.

Access to low-fee and tax-efficient SMSF investment strategies is no longer the realm of the super-rich, with our dedicated SMSF Advisor team who are able to provide targeted advice and strategy around your retirement planning

01Initial SMSF Consultation & Application

An SMSF Specialist walks you through the application and compliance process step by step

02Compliance Check & Management Strategy

Our team builds a custom management strategy for your SMSF and confirms compliance

03Online dashboard & Ongoing Management

We handle all aspects of accounting and tax compliance, and prepare access to your online dashboard

OUTSOURCE YOUR SMSF MANAGEMENTContact us for an individualised SMSF management strategy

Before proceeding further, a specialist SMSF Advisor will discuss your goals with you over the phone.

You can then complete initial compliance documents over secure online forms and via physical mail, which are then submitted to our trusted accounting partners for processing. Typically we can expect to hear the results of an application within 14 business days of completion of all required documents.

Moving an existing SMSF structure over to our team doesn’t have to be a headache – we’ve made sure our online application system is streamlined and have built a network of expert accounting partners who can provide quick turnaround on all compliance and accounting documentation.

Perfect for family trusts or where an SMSF is used for significant investment portfolios, letting our team handle the management of your existing SMSF structure can significantly reduce the anxiety associated with ATO/ASIC compliance and accounting.

Because we are an online-first company, our integration with our bespoke cloud platforms allow us to significantly reduce our overheads – meaning we can pass on the savings to produce some of the cheapest management packages in the industry as well as to integrate some key benefits including:

  • An easy accounting and submission process with a network of qualified and efficient partner companies who handle all annual accounting and compliance documentation.
  • Ability to switch your investment strategies through the online dashboard and utilise advice from our Superannuation Specialists.
  • A self-managed dashboard for access to all areas of your superannuation performance

SMSF MANAGEMENT CONSULTING FEESWith streamlined business processes we have some of the most competitive fees in the industry

SMSF Formation Package w/ 1st Year Compliance and Accounting
  • SMSF Formation
  • ASIC/ATO Compliance
  • Online Dashboard
  • Investment Strategy
  • Yearly Accounting
For Existing SMSF w/ 1st Year Compliance and Accounting
  • Fund Rollover
  • ASIC/ATO Compliance
  • Online Dashboard
  • Investment Strategy
  • Yearly Accounting
An outsourced accounting strategy for established SMSFs
  • ASIC/ATO Compliance
  • Yearly Accounting
  • Investment Strategy
  • Renewal & ASIC Fee
  • All-Inclusive - No Hidden Fees
per year