SMSF Accounting & Auditing

Done-for-you SMSF administration and accounting through ASAL’s network of accredited partner accountants

SMSF. TRULY SIMPLIFIED.Done for you compliance, yearly accounting and ATO/ASIC submissions

Simplify the management of your existing SMSF by leveraging ASAL's network of qualified partner accountants to reduce compliance costs.

Managing an SMSF structure can be an accounting nightmare, which is why we connect all clients to a unique online management platform that allows all aspects of compliance, accounting and tax submissions to be managed through our network of qualified accounting partners.

This unique cloud-based approach significantly reduces the overhead required to ensure strict ATO/ASIC compliance by allowing direct access to all financials and semi-automated completion of yearly submission documents. Access to more than 200 data feeds from a mix of banks and brokers and the ability to request actuarial certificates on demand allows for management automation for SMSF structures both large and small.

01Initial SMSF Consultation & Application

An SMSF Specialist walks you through the application and compliance process step by step

02Compliance Check & Administration Strategy

Our team builds a custom administration strategy for your SMSF and confirms compliance

03Online Dashboard & Ongoing Management

We handle all aspects of accounting and tax compliance, and prepare online access to your dashboard

OUTSOURCE YOUR SMSF ADMINISTRATIONContact us for an individualised SMSF accounting strategy

Before proceeding further, a specialist SMSF Advisor will discuss your goals with you over the phone.

You can then complete initial compliance documents over secure online forms and via physical mail, which are then submitted to our trusted accounting partners for processing. Typically we can expect to hear the results of an application within 14 business days of completion of all required documents.

Moving your existing SMSF accounting and administration over to us doesn’t have to be a headache – we’ve made sure our online application system is streamlined, along with our built up network of expert accounting partners who can provide a quick and efficient turnaround on all compliance and accounting documentation

Perfect for family trusts or where an SMSF is used for significant investment portfolios, letting our team handle the administration of your existing SMSF structure can significantly reduce the anxiety associated with ATO/ASIC compliance and comes with convenient benefits including:

  • An easy accounting and auditing process with a network of qualified and efficient partner companies
  • Daily fund reconciliation with automated contribution and pension settlement
  • Ability to switch your investment strategies through the online dashboard and utilise advice from our Superannuation Specialists.
  • Initial compliance review to ensure compliance with all current legislation
  • Year-end reporting duties, annual return preparation and financial statements (including PAYG, BAS, IAS and Centrelink summaries)
  • Handling of SMSF compliance assets such as meeting minutes and record keeping

SMSF MANAGEMENT CONSULTING FEESWith streamlined business processes we have some of the most competitive fees in the industry

SMSF Formation Package w/ 1st Year Compliance and Accounting
  • SMSF Formation
  • ASIC/ATO Compliance
  • Online Dashboard
  • Investment Strategy
  • Yearly Accounting
For Existing SMSF w/ 1st Year Compliance and Accounting
  • Fund Rollover
  • ASIC/ATO Compliance
  • Online Dashboard
  • Investment Strategy
  • Yearly Accounting
An outsourced accounting strategy for established SMSFs
  • ASIC/ATO Compliance
  • Yearly Accounting
  • Investment Strategy
  • Renewal & ASIC Fee
  • All-Inclusive - No Hidden Fees
per year