Establishing a Trading Account

A client-instructed investment advisory service providing access to investment advisors

EXPERT INVESTMENT ADVISORY SERVICEDirect access to an executive team of investment advisors for establishing your portfolio

Allow a specialist investment team to do the heavy lifting for you with personalised portfolio investment strategies

Leverage the experience of our investment advisors to stay on top of ever-changing market conditions and take full advantage of our wealth of industry knowledge and investment acumen.

This unique client instructed investment advisory service is open to a variety of investors including Individuals, SMSFs and Trusts. It’s also a low-cost way to ensure a crafted portfolio that meets your unique risk appetite and investment goals whilst allowing our network of qualified accountants to handle every aspect of reporting including dividend receipts, corporate actions and tax records.

01Initial Consultation & Application

An Investment Specialist will discuss your financial goals, risk appetite and the application process

02Compliance Check & Investment Strategy

Our team builds a custom investment strategy and handles compliance

03Online Dashboard & Ongoing Management

We handle all aspects of accounting and tax compliance, and prepare access to your online dashboard

SET AND FORGET INVESTMENT STRATEGIESContact us for an individualised trading strategy

Before proceeding further, an Investment Specialist will establish your financial goals with you over the phone.

You can then complete initial compliance documents over secure online forms and via physical mail, which are then submitted to our trusted accounting partners for processing. Typically we can expect to hear the results of an application within 14 business days of completion of all required documents.

Staying on top of market conditions and getting ahead of the curve doesn’t have to be a headache when you outsource your strategy to our qualified Investment Strategists.

By allowing us to craft a unique portfolio and investment strategy to suit your individual goals and risk appetite, you can leverage the decades of collective experience from our team whilst significantly reducing your reporting and tax overheads through our easy to use cloud dashboard.

With a record of high-yield results which consistently outperform market indexes and retail funds, moving your investment strategy management to us has significant benefits including:

  • Access to an easy-to-use cloud accounting platform with comprehensive investment reports.
  • Access to our network of accredited accounting partners who can handle all administrative tasks including receipt of dividends, tax records, corporate action and mail.
  • Ability to set up automated investment deposits or regular withdrawals to any or all of your portfolios.
  • Freedom to select and direct your investment strategy to suit changing needs and risk appetite.

SMSF MANAGEMENT CONSULTING FEESWith streamlined business processes we have some of the most competitive fees in the industry

SMSF Formation Package w/ 1st Year Compliance and Accounting
  • SMSF Formation
  • ASIC/ATO Compliance
  • Online Dashboard
  • Investment Strategy
  • Yearly Accounting
For Existing SMSF w/ 1st Year Compliance and Accounting
  • Fund Rollover
  • ASIC/ATO Compliance
  • Online Dashboard
  • Investment Strategy
  • Yearly Accounting
An outsourced accounting strategy for established SMSFs
  • ASIC/ATO Compliance
  • Yearly Accounting
  • Investment Strategy
  • Renewal & ASIC Fee
  • All-Inclusive - No Hidden Fees
per year