Buying Property With an SMSF

Invest in and gain exposure to the property market through an SMSF structure

ASSETS YOU CAN TOUCHSMSF - the only compliant property investment vehicle for your superannuation

There are very strict and direct guidelines for retail superannuation funds which restrict the types and numbers of investments that you can make. An SMSF, on the other hand, opens up the possibility of investing into a variety of assets including real estate.

Although most SMSF and retail superannuation funds will focus largely on investing into equity funds and other highly liquid investment options due to their ease of use, it’s possible to diversify your SMSF into real estate for peace of mind and an investment you can touch and feel.

We’ve worked with clients to produce individualised and fully compliant SMSF structures. This includes opening the door to unique retirement strategies around rental income, property flipping, and even using investment properties as securities for leverage into other financial products..

01Initial SMSF Consultation & Application

An SMSF Specialist walks you through the application and compliance process step by step

02Compliance Check & Investment Strategy

Our Compliance team completes all steps with ASIC/ATO whilst your strategist helps build your funds

03Online Dashboard & Ongoing Management

We handle all aspects of accounting and tax compliance, and prepare your online access dashboard

STREAMLINED APPLICATION PROCESSContact us for an individualised SMSF strategy

Before proceeding further, a specialist SMSF Advisor will discuss your goals with you over the phone.

Once you are happy, you can complete the initial compliance documents over our secure online forms and via physical mail, which are then submitted to our trusted accounting partners for processing. Typically we can expect to hear the results of an application within 14 business days of completion of all required documents.

We’ve helped Australians build wealth across all areas of the investment landscape – including investing in and managing property as part of a targeted retirement strategy. With our network of experts, that means an SMSF strategy managed through our team comes with some significant perks including:

  • Ability to provide referrals to experienced property investment experts
  • An easy accounting and submission process with a network of qualified and efficient partner companies, with daily contribution and pension settlement
  • The appointment of external auditors to comply with annual audit and reporting requirements
  • Streamlined management fees which, despite being an SMSF, are typically lower than those you would expect to pay to retail superannuation companies.
  • Financial strategies from accredited SMSF Specialists that target higher rates of return through access to high yield securities and global equity funds
  • Greater control over your individual investment strategy
  • A self-managed dashboard for access to all areas of your superannuation performance
  • Handling of all year-end reporting duties including annual returns and financial statements preparation (including PAYG, BAS, IAS and Centrelink summaries)

On top of that, our formation fees can be taken directly out of your SMSF balance, meaning that there is no out-of-pocket cost for the formation or ongoing management of your SMSF, making it a truly seamless process from start to finish.

SMSF MANAGEMENT CONSULTING FEESWith streamlined business processes we have some of the most competitive fees in the industry

SMSF Formation Package w/ 1st Year Compliance and Accounting
  • SMSF Formation
  • ASIC/ATO Compliance
  • Online Dashboard
  • Investment Strategy
  • Yearly Accounting
For Existing SMSF w/ 1st Year Compliance and Accounting
  • Fund Rollover
  • ASIC/ATO Compliance
  • Online Dashboard
  • Investment Strategy
  • Yearly Accounting
An outsourced accounting strategy for established SMSFs
  • ASIC/ATO Compliance
  • Yearly Accounting
  • Investment Strategy
  • Renewal & ASIC Fee
  • All-Inclusive - No Hidden Fees
per year